Health Services

Air Force Medical Home

Air Force Medical Home is an active approach to establish a “medical home” for everyone. Care is coordinated by your individual medical provider, who is leading a team of medical professionals providing continuous, comprehensive, and personalized prevention-based healthcare.

Why Air Force Medical Home? We are leading the way in the Air Force because we are committed to providing you greater and faster access to your healthcare team. Through effective communication and building continuous healing relationships you will be receiving greater resources to help care for yourself and your family. The key is continuity! Every effort will be made to ensure you are cared for by the same family health team (technician, nurse, and provider) with each visit. Improved continuity means better medical management. We strive to meet your medical needs through your “medical home” team.

Air Force Medical Home focuses on the patient being the center of healthcare and the driver of care rather than the passive recipient. Care that is truly patient-centered considers patients’ cultural traditions, personal preferences and values, family situations, and lifestyle. It makes the patient and their loved ones an integral part of the care team who collaborate with health care professionals in making clinical decisions. Patient-centered care puts responsibility for important aspects of self-care and monitoring in the patients’ hands - along with the tools and support they need to carry out that responsibility. Patient-centered care ensures that transitions between providers and healthcare settings are respectful, coordinated, and efficient.

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