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TRICARE Enrollment
Since 2018, TRICARE beneficiaries have been  automatically enrolled into their current TRICARE plans. Military beneficiaries seeking a new enrollment (excluding active duty and active duty family members) must enroll in a TRICARE plan. Those who do not enroll will only have access to space available care in military facilities.
Upon enrollment, you will be assigned to a primary care manager. Patients enrolled to TRICARE Prime must use their PCM to coordinate all primary and specialty care. You may switch your PCM by contacting your primary care clinic.

We will make every effort to accommodate your request; however, assignment to a specific PCM will be based on that PCM’s current capacity and the severity of your illness.

TRICARE Select replaced TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Extra in 2018, and now requires enrollment. The Annual Open Enrollment period runs from November through December, or within 90 days of a qualifying life event (change in zip code, marriage, divorce, birth, etc.). Under the Select plan, you may obtain care from any TRICARE authorized provider without a referral or authorization. If you go to a TRICARE network provider for care, you will pay lower cost sharing amounts.

All new active duty and active duty family member patients at the 86th Medical Group must register in our automated patient database to make appointments. To be registered, stop by building 2114 and speak with the TRICARE Enrollments team on the first floor, Room 147. Telephone DSN 314-479-2557, or commercial 06371-46-2273. The main phone line is open Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Contractors and civilians who are not enrolled in a TRICARE program should stop by the Outpatient Medical Records section in Room 112 to be registered. 


  • TRICARE Prime beneficiaries enrolled at the 86th MDG may schedule an appointment by calling the main phone line and selecting the appropriate phone tree option. Appointments may also be scheduled online at TRICARE Online.
  • We adhere to the following Access to Care Standards when booking primary care appointments:
    • Future: Appointments are used for follow-up care, wellness care, or when patient requests care beyond 24 hours in the future.
    • 24 Hour: Patient wants to be seen within 24 hours.
TOL PATIENT Portal Secure Messaging
TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging is an online service that enables patients to communicate securely and privately with their health care team. It allows for a more secure exchange of health information compared to using a personal email account.
The Secure Messaging feature of the TOL Patient Portal allows patients to:
  • Request their next appointment
  • Request medication renewals
  • Receive test and lab results
  • Communicate online with the health care team about non-urgent symptoms
  • Request a copy of their immunization records
  • Access a large library of patient education materials
  • Receive upcoming notices of closures and events

Secure Messaging participation is limited to those beneficiaries enrolled to a PCM at a military treatment facility. To learn more about secure messaging visit the TOL Patient Portal at TRICARE Online.
For information about claims processing or to check the status of your claims submission, please contact International SOS at 877-678-1207. Claim forms and information may also be obtained at TRICARE.
Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator
For more information on TRICARE benefits, please contact the Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator. If you have a concern, contact a Beneficiary Counselor and Assistance Coordinator. Telephone DSN 314-479-2621/2556/2611/2632, or commercial 06371-46-2621/2556/2611/2632. Walk-in appointments are available for medical report translations in Room 119, Building 2114, Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

Contact Us


  • TRICARE Enrollments: 06371-46-2557 or DSN: 479-2557
  • Referral Management Center: 06371-46-2273, option (4) (1) DSN: 479-2273, option (4) (1)
  • TRICARE Claims: BCAC/DCAO: 06371-46-2621/2556/2611/2632 or DSN: 479-2621/2556/2611/2632
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